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Posted by aeRo-Z - April 27th, 2011

Hmm just read the title of the last post. A bit strange...

Don't have too much time to make music, but I hope I can upload something soon.

Posted by aeRo-Z - June 17th, 2009


Just want to write a first post...
I don't know how I discovered Newgrounds, but I was very soon fascinated. I think I heard about it because there a lot of free (Creative Commons) music here and I am searching for audio files for my game. The audio part of Newgrounds is great, you can hear almost everything you can imagine.

I can play the piano for a long time now. Suddenly I became interested in knowing how electronic music is produced: I read a bit about synthesizers, about MIDI things and about music software. Now I am experimenting with music and I love it =). But for me it is quite hard right now because I have to learn very basics. To compose songs is really no easy thing, but I am trying.

Currently I am using Reason 4 with a simple E-piano and a siple MIDI interface. I decided to register an account on Newgrouds to upload some tracks I am creating. It would be very nice if you would leave some comments there because I love to read them and I think I can learn from them.

Right now I have a lot to study because I have my final exams in school, so I do not have time for making music. But I will soon upload the next song (electronic and piano).

Well I think that's it. =) Thank you Newgrounds for hosting this magic site and thank you for reading. I hope you listen to some of my experimental music.

Christian Z

PS: I am from Switzerland, hope there are not too many mistakes in the text =)